6 Easy Ways To Save On Your Next Bathroom Remodel

6 Easy Ways To Save On Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Here are some wonderful budget friendly bathroom remodel and decorating ideas from our Creative Director at Southern Ticking Co.

6 Easy ways to save on your next bathroom remodel:

1. Our ticking stripe shower curtains have been featured on Houzz by Vanessa Francis in her article 20 Finds For Staging as a wonderful staging tool for updating a bathroom on a budget. At 58.00, these classic striped shower curtains feature decorator details such as beautiful patterns and clean seams and hems that truly speak custom designer shower curtain. If you are remodeling on a budget, consider keeping the bathtub or surround you currently have -- and simply hang a beautiful shower curtain with new roller ball rings and a beautiful shower curtain rod. The shower curtains are great to conceal a less than perfect tub or a dated fixture color if changing it out is not in your budget. You can also hire a professional to re glaze an historic tub provided it is in sound condition to keep the architectural integrity of a vintage bathroom. 

2. Forgo expensive tile and insets and go basic with your tile selection. Classic white ceramic 4x4 field tiles never go out of style and are readily available at a fraction of the cost of designer tiles. Add interest to this seemingly humble tile by offsetting tile slightly into a running bond pattern. While glass, mosaic and stone tiles are beautiful, consider the fact that white is classic and never really goes out of style. Check out these great Dal tile field tiles from Home Depot available at a fraction of the cost of subway tile.

3. Go high with your tile surrounds. Even with a smaller field tile shower surround, add height to any size bathroom and ease of cleaning by running your field tile to the very top of the ceiling. Avoid and entire row of bullnose tile and use the above designer secret to create a bath or shower surround that feels like it could be in a nice boutique hotel.

4. Go custom with grout options. Try an on trend trick and select a darker ground color to add to a lighter field tile. If you want to keep it simple and timeless, go with a neutral color that matches your tile.

5. Shop the home decor shops for your mirrors for a custom look without the designer plumbing brand names. Our other company Indigo Door opening soon online offers some wonderful decorator mirrors that are perfect for adding that custom decorator look.

6. Forgo expensive plumbing brand towel bars and rings. Try simple hooks found at a fraction of the cost in finishes that match your plumbing fixtures. Add them to a reclaimed piece of wood for rustic appeal or have your finish carpenter create a board painted or stained to match your trim and affix all the hooks to that. Etsy also has great op



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