Most Popular Special Sized Shower Curtains

Here are the most popular custom and special sized fabric shower curtains we make for hard to fit bathrooms and bathtubs including shower stall, extra tall and extra wide shower curtains. I have marked the sizes we typically stock with an asterisk for reference but please contact us for a custom quote on any of the other sizes you need. 

 Standard Shower Curtain size ideas:

Our standard shower curtains are 72x72* and anything between 70x70 and 70x72 is also popular for mass produced shower curtains. This will work for most customers with a standard shower over tub bathtub configuration. Some customers with wider bath stalls also prefer this size for some fullness. The general rule of thumb is to add around 11" to the shower width and feel free to round up or down to your personal taste. 

Shower Stall Curtain size ideas:

Most of our customers find that our 54 x 72 shower stall curtain is a great solution but we are happy to make any shower stall size to order. All measurements appear in width x height 36x72, 42x72, 48X72, 54X72*, 54 X 78, 60 X 72. Please note anything above a 54" width requires a vertical seam since we use decorator width fabrics.

Extra Tall Shower Curtains (Extra Long) size ideas:

We also do many extra long shower curtains and in this case I mean tall. All of these measurements have been increasingly popular and we also specialize in 72x108 tall shower curtains when a large or tall ceiling calls for this scale. We typically stock the sizes I have marked in an asterisk. 72x74, 72x76, 72x78, 72x80, 72x84*, 72x90, 72x96.

Extra Wide Shower Curtain Option size ideas:

If you have a vintage or antique tub and need a shower curtain look to the rod for a hint at the size you need. The standard looking vintage tubs with one short side and one long side open that have an L shaped rod have been a common find in older homes. I have found that the 108 x 72 (width x height) size has worked for many customers.

A quick hint to measure for your shower curtain:

If you measure the opening you are trying to cover and add around 11" for slack that is a great way to estimate. Since many of these rods are non standard and the mounting heights of hardware can vary please remember to measure the height from the top of the rod as well. You'll need deduct the drop on your shower curtain rings as well. I have a great reference article here on the blog on how to measure for a shower curtain. 

Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain size ideas:

The clawfoot tub shower curtain that we have been asked to make the most is 180 w x 72 t - we can go up or down from this. One thing to keep in mind is if your tub is up against a wall, make sure a fabric shower curtain can pass between the outer edge of the tub and the wall. Another consideration is the entry point to the tub and the mounting hardware above. You will want to have the two points of the shower curtain meet at the entry point. Sometimes customers prefer multiple panels for this reason. Mass produced liners are increasingly available for clawfoot tub shower curtains. 180 W x 70 T and 177 W x 74 T. We are happy to make any dimensions as needed.  

Extra Short Shower Curtain size ideas:

If you have a shower or tub tucked into an alcove on a second story, under a dormer or slanted ceiling you may even need a short shower curtain. We are happy to make these in a shower stall size or a standard width, just ask. A standard request is 72 W x 66 T but we can make any size you need.




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