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Vintage Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Ideas and How To Measure A Clawfoot or Vintage Tub for a Shower Curtain

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Here's a great customer submitted photo of an historic bath using one of our standard length shower curtains. You can see how tall those ceilings are and if you wish for the added height of an extra long shower curtain we do offer this same ruffled shower curtain style in 72 x 84 Tall or 72 x 96 Tall. I just love it when you guys send us photos of your finished projects! A few things to keep in mind when shopping for an extra long shower curtain are to have your measurements handy.  With a ceiling mounted shower curtain hoop nothing feels standard. In vintage homes the ceiling height can greatly affect the length of the shower curtain you need and the height where the hoop is mounted. If you need some assistance and a few easy ideas for how to measure for a shower curtain please check out our posts here on the blog. Remember to have the vertical measurement from the top edge of the rod of the shower curtain hoop or rod to the height where you'd like your shower curtain to fall. I think it's a great idea with beautiful vintage clawfoot tubs to go ahead and expose the tub as much as possible! 

Next, you'll want to find your shower curtain rings and measure the vertical height of those. Take the first measurement and deduct it from your shower curtain ring height and that will help you determine the length of the shower curtain that you need for your vintage or antique bathtub or shower. We have even gone up to 120" for one customer in an historic home. 

Some other factors to consider when you are shopping for a shower curtain for a vintage or antique claw foot tub are: Do you want the shower curtain to be continuous around the entire tub? Where would you like the curtain to split to enter the tub? Is there enough clearance between the wall and the tub for a curtain to pass on the outside edge of the tub? And finally where to place the liners or the opening of the liner and shower curtain so that the least amount of water can escape the tub when in use? Finally are their ceiling mounts in specific areas that are going to hinder the shower curtain from being opened where you need it to open? Will you keep your curtain opened most of the time or will it stay closed accross the tub as this photo illustrates. While all these factors can be overwhelming the final product of adding the right shower curtain for your bathroom remodel or antique tub can add a ton of functionality to a vintage or historic space. Thank you to our awesome customer who provided this real life photo of her historic bathroom project! Keep those awesome photos coming! -Alison

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